Report on this month's school board meeting.

The Sleepy Eye District 84 Board of Education heard principal and superintendent reports, and approved action items at their Wednesday, March 21 meeting. A late addition to the agenda was discussion of football classification.

Activities Director Cory Haala told the board that a decision is due on April 15, to the state high school league, concerning which class the football team will play in for the 2019 and 2020 seasons. He said the school has so far chosen to “opt up” to 11 Man Class A (where they will play next fall) despite qualifying for 9 Man, based on enrollment.

Haala presented the board with projected enrollment numbers, based on current seventh through tenth grade enrollments, for all area schools. Board members expressed a mix of opinions, from wanting to remain an 11 Man team, to not having a preference, to moving to 9 Man if it would be best for the student athletes. They directed Haala to survey parents and students as soon as possible.

Board members seemed in agreement that a football coop with St. Mary’s would be a good option. Haala said the projected enrollment for St. Mary’s in 2019 is 79 students in grades nine through 12; with SEHS projected at 140. He said a coop team would be placed in 11 Man Class A. Haala’s report indicated that a coop with St. Mary’s has been pursued on two occasions and they have chosen to keep their own program.

Action items approved:

•High school principal contract for 2017-19 school year, 2.5 percent increase.

•Resignation of Torry Berg as School Readiness teacher, May 18.

•Resignation of Ashley McGowan as SPED LD teacher, end of school year.

•Hire Abby Walters and Amanda Honeycutt as SPED paraprofessionals at 11.38/hour.

•Hire John Cselovszki as head track coach at $3,907; Nathan McMullen as assistant at $2,833; and accept resignation of Scott DeMaris as head coach.

•Hire Casey Coulson as JH baseball coach at $1,741.

•Accept donation from disbanded athletic booster club of $3,134.96 (balance in account) toward outdoor table and bench.

•Approve five total digital days for this year.

The next meeting is April 11 at 5:30 p.m.