Jim Broich, Sleepy Eye Mayor from 1992 to 2016, passed away Sunday.

It’s the end of an era in Sleepy Eye, with the passing of Jim Broich, former city council member, mayor and number one supporter. Mayor Broich died on Sunday, March 11. His obituary, containing the details of his full life and varied career, appears on page 5A.

City Manager Mark Kober shared some thoughts on hearing of Mayor Broich’s passing.

“Jim was 100 percent Sleepy Eye, always telling someone about us,” said Kober. “He served on so many Boards and Commissions—it seemed like he knew everybody in the state and would lobby endlessly to make Sleepy Eye better.”

Kober said Jim was a great deal of help to him personally over the years, and became a good friend.

“He loved politics, economic development and City projects. He probably came in every day to see me for most of 15 to 16 years,” Kober said. “He always knew the pulse of any issue and the latest news on anything that happened. I think he read the Star Tribune and New Ulm paper cover to cover before he would come in each morning—then he would quiz me on all of it.”

Broich served on the City Council for six years, first elected in 1986, followed by 24 years as mayor.

“The community will sorely miss him and his love of Sleepy Eye,” added Kober. “He was a great leader, a great supporter, and a genuine friend.”