Five St. Mary's students earned high marks at the Regional Science Fair.

Five St. Mary’s junior high students competed in the Southern Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Minnesota State University, Mankato on Saturday, Feb. 17. Each was awarded blue (superior in category) or purple (top scoring excellent project, above expectations) ribbons and qualified to advance to the State Science and Engineering Fair, that will be held at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, April 8 to 10.

Eighth grade students are Natalie Marti and Sophie Kyllonen. Marti’s purple ribbon-winning project is titled, “Does the Type of Chocolate Affect Viscosity and Quality of Tempered Chocolate?” She also earned the Chemistry Award for an outstanding project in the Chemistry Category; and Broadcam Masters for outstanding performance at a Society and Public affiliated science fair and as a top science fair project in the nation.

Kyllonen’s purple ribbon-winning project is titled, “Does the Angle of the Whiskers Impact the Ability of the Robot to Navigate Through a Maze?” She also received the $50 College of Science, Engineering and Technology Award.

Seventh grade students are Kaden Ryer, Kenadi Steffl and Lizzie Schwint. Ryer’s blue ribbon-winning project is titled, “Does the Current of Different 1.5 Volt Batteries Affect How Far the Dart Flies?”

Steffl’s blue ribbon-winning project is titled, “Does the Type of Wood Affect Heat Value and Other Qualities?”

Schwint’s purple ribbon-winning project is titled, “Does Saturation Affect Turbidity When Using Different Types of Buffers?” She also received the $50 Janice Guldan Alternative Agriculture and Sustainability Award; and the $25 Tri County Coalition of Lake Associations Environmental Award.