SEHS Spirit in Motion dance team traveled to Montevideo on Saturday, Feb. 10, for the Section 3A Meet

SEHS Spirit in Motion dance team traveled to Montevideo on Saturday, Feb. 10, for the Section 3A Meet. Teams competing included: BOLD, BBE-Paynesville, LQPV-DB, Yellow Medicine East, Worthington, Montevideo, MACCRAY, Renville County West, Minnewaska, New London-Spicer, Canby-Minneota, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton, Wabasso, Lakeview and Sleepy Eye.

“The girls have gotten through many challenges over the years,” Head Coach Lauren Hoffmann said. “They continue to push through having a small team, being in the hardest section, and never knowing if there will be another year due to lack of numbers.”

The Varsity Jazz team had their best performance of the season, but fell short, with a score of 277/700. Varsity High Kick scored 323/700.

“The girls improved their scores from the beginning of the season at the first competition, by topping their best scores from the previous season,” said Hoffmann. “This year I took a risk by giving the Varsity Jazz a routine with a message. We weren't sure how it would go over with the judges or audience, as it talked about suicide, but the girls were up for the challenge to help spread the message that 'you matter'.”

“I have four graduating seniors this year, which one had to step down due to PSEO scheduling challenges,” Hoffmann said. “Each one has been on the team for three to four years. They each bring their own qualities to the team. Megan Himmelman is one that never fails to keep the girls in a good mood and laughing; Keira Tauer (our PSEO dancer) always kept the girls in line; Clarissa Simonsen stepped up this year—helping with choreography, ideas and suggestions; and Kelsie Domeier has been one that is always pushing the team to try new things and always coming up with ideas. These shoes will be hard to fill next year as we do not have any juniors this year.”

The dance teams moving on to the state competition are LQPV-DB, Yellow Medicine East and BOLD.