River Valley Speech team, composed of 30 students from Springfield and Sleepy Eye High Schools, started their tournament season Saturday, Feb. 3.

River Valley Speech team started their tournament season with a small group attending the Worthington Trojan tournament Saturday, Feb. 3.

Senior, Kaitlyn Vogel, was first place champion in informative speaking with her paper entitled, “Put to the Test,” about the history and advancements in personality testing. She doubled entered in great speeches and placed fourth with Oprah Winfrey’s 2018 Golden Globe Acceptance Speech.

Sleepy Eye senior, Isaac Nelson, placed third in creative expression with his touching piece, “It’s Because of You,” about an alcoholic man who realizes he has a problem...a little too late.

Taking fifth place in creative expression was senior, Ross VanDerWal, with his piece, “Blink of an Eye,” a historical fiction piece about a WWII dogfight battle over the British channel.

Freshman, Kendall Kelly, was points away from top six in poetry and received a red ribbon for her efforts. Several other students in attendance had great scores throughout the day.

This year’s speech team is composed of thirty students from both Sleepy Eye Public and Springfield Public Schools. Saturday, Feb. 10 the team travels to Pipestone for the Arrows invitational.

River Valley’s coaching staff includes head coach, Brianna Jensen, who is being assisted by Darcy Hoyt and Cody Schwartz of Springfield.