The Indians boys team had a mixed week taking a loss on the road to the BLHS Mustangs on Thursday, Jan. 25.

The Indians boys team had a mixed week taking a loss on the road to the BLHS Mustangs on Thursday, Jan. 25.


Sleepy Eye 64

The Mustangs gave the Indians a fight early in the first half. Ben Laffen kept things alive for the Indians hitting a bomb, two field goals and three of four free throws. At halftime the Indians trailed by five at 40-35.

In the second half, the Indians got themselves in foul trouble, giving up 14. The Mustangs hit 12 of 21 attempts to outscore them.

Nathan Walter and Zach Haala led the Indians with 14 points each.

Sleepy Eye 61

Madelia 52

On Saturday the Indians made a trip to Bethany Lutheran College to take on the Madelia Blackhawks.

In the first half, Walter and Haala again set the pace with eight points each. Jon  Mickelson hit a field goal and also dropped both of his free throws to aid the cause. The Indians led by two at halftime 26-24.

In the second half, Madelia gave up fouls and the Indians hit their shots for 13 points at the free throw line. Walter fouled out, but the Indians carried the day.

MVL 89

Sleepy Eye 88

The Indians returned home Tuesday night to host the MVL Chargers in one of the closest games of the season.

Junior Jake Kettner was MVL’s biggest weapon and in the first half he put 20 on the board. Haala responded with his highest scoring career game, hitting three bombs in the first half and three field goals. The Indians trailed 36-32 at halftime.

The game picked up in the second half. The Indians played a strong second half, keeping the game within two at all times. Every time the Chargers pulled ahead someone hit the hoop. Haala hit a free throw and a layup for 84-82. Laffen brought it back with a shot inside the paint to 85-87.

There were seconds on the clock and the Indians were down four. Keegan Heiderscheidt, with less than 10 seconds left, hit a three-point bomb from left court. The room was quiet as the crowd waited to see if the refs were awarding free throws. The game was called—the Chargers took it by one.

Haala led with a career high of 34. Laffen and Walter followed with 12 points each.

The Indians host the CMC Cougars Thursday, Feb. 1 at 7:30 p.m.