I think I'll stick to local issues for awhile. Who knew snow would give me a topic?

I think I’ll stick to local issues for awhile. Luckily Tuesday night’s City Council meeting provided me with some material to work with.

If you read the front page article, you know that there wasn’t much action at the meeting. I didn’t even take up space to detail most of it. One thing I didn’t mention was that, once again, the City of Sleepy Eye designated the Sleepy Eye Herald-Dispatch as its official newspaper. That means when the city is required to inform the citizens of something, they publish a legal notice in the Herald-Dispatch.

Not a part of that official designation, but something we do anyway, are monthly columns by the Mayor, the Police Chief and the Director of Public Works. They use that opportunity to further inform the citizens of issues of importance to their departments.

As I reported, the only issue that generated a lot of discussion was the issuance of a large number of parking tickets following a snow emergency. The city has a policy and they are sticking with it. If your car is parked on a street outside of the designated downtown area, when a snow emergency is declared, you don’t have to run out and move it—they’ll plow around it with no complaint. Then you need to move it to a cleared space, so they can come back through and clean up the leftover snow mess. Voila—clean streets!

After the meeting, in chatting with Chief Andres I told him that it was very likely that the people who got tickets don’t read the paper. He said, “Yes - that’s what they said.”

Oh well, there is a reason the city publishes information in the paper. There is a reason we give city officials a space to inform the citizens of various things—like how the snow emergency procedure works. Chief Andres and Public Works Director Bob Elston both explained the procedure in recent columns.

Thank you for reading the Herald-Dispatch. I hope you read it carefully enough that you didn’t get a snow parking ticket. Or, if you got one, you slapped yourself on the forehead, and said, “Duh, I read about that. Why didn’t I move my car?”