I think we should be able to admire the President of the United States and I don’t admire President Trump. I think you already knew that. What I guess I’m not sure you understand is—I get it. Many local people don’t agree with me. I know. It’s okay—this is a great country and we don’t have to agree.

I’m happy to say that even people who don’t agree with me still read my column. Just like I am always eager to know what he (Trump) did today, those readers may be wondering what crazy thing I will write this week.

In the last couple weeks I had two conversations with readers who wanted me to know that they do like President Trump. One of these men said, “You know, about 70 percent of Brown County voted for Trump.” I’m not sure if that number is correct (do you know how hard it is to find election results when you’re in a hurry?) but I am well aware that I do not align with the conservative leanings in this area. It’s not news to me.

Here’s the thing: I generally vote for democrats. I don’t hide that from you. When I write about my favorite liberal cable channel, for example, I am poking fun at myself. I’m poking fun at everyone who gets caught up in hearing only what they already agree with.

My number one complaint about President Trump is his undignified demeanor. I might even think he has some good ideas, but it is hard to hear them over the crazy, rude tweets.

Please keep reading and disagreeing if you must.