Visit Veteran's Memorial Park in downtown Sleepy Eye and read the names of veterans memorialized there. Space is available to honor many more veterans.

Veteran’s Memorial Park in downtown Sleepy Eye started as a dream use for an empty lot in 2011. Kurk Kramer, EDA Coordinator for the City of Sleepy Eye, said the city conducted a survey, listing several possible uses for the empty lot, and the idea of creating a park to memorialize veterans received the most support.

“We started making plans in November of 2011,” said Kramer. “And in June of 2014, we commemorated the completion of Veteran’s Memorial Park with a special Flag Day event.”

The park and memorials have been financed primarily through business donations, generous matching funds from the Lloyd Amundson foundation, and the sale of nameplates, according to Kramer, who oversees the park’s development.

People are invited to purchase nameplates to honor any U.S. veteran, living or deceased. Contact Kramer at 794-5636 for more information.