The fall season has been full of all kinds of nice surprises this year.

The fall season has been full of all kinds of nice surprises this year.

Does anyone else feel like it flew by? It seems like I blinked and the tennis season is coming to an end. The Wildcats have had an up and down season for sure, but the girls keep battling their opponents and with a few adjustments in the roster things are turning around. This Thursday is the last regular season game, so hopefully everyone comes to check it out.

We have two football homecoming games fast approaching us with Sleepy Eye High School’s this Friday. They have the talent, they have the players, and last year they pulled off a win at homecoming. Here’s hoping that they can repeat the magic. Adrian is a good team but they have had a rough season themselves, losing three games so far this season.

How about them Knights this year! Man, I can’t say enough about what Coach Kucera has done with his boys this year in their transition. Andrick Sanchez has really stepped up to lead the boys. Every time I talk to him, I can see his commitment. The drive he brings to the field is just emanating from him. He and Nick Labat are making things happen. Homecoming for the Knights is still a week away, but with their current track record things look good, not to mention the team they will host has had three season losses as well.

Tuesday night was a big night for volleyball as well with Jody Hansen getting her 1,000th dig at Springfield. The best part about that is in her senior athlete interview she even said she wanted to get to that place in her career. But it doesnt stop there–– she’s already at 1,800 set assists, an averaged above 30 per game. She could pull off 2,000 of those before the close of her senior year.

Cross country has been doing big things with the girls team, walking away with medals at almost every meet they have competed in. Their last meet was rough on the scorecard due to runners missing because of other commitments, but the one thing the Knights do well is improve times from meet to meet. Even when they don’t always walk away with a high team score, the runners are all improving as a group, and that’s a big deal. Take it from someone who doesn’t like running.

With a packed week ahead of us, I hope I see everyone out at the homecoming games regardless of which school your kids go to.