Editor's column about the City Council meeting.

Tuesday night’s city council meeting was supposed to be short. It didn’t go that way.

After the meeting, council member Doug Pelzel said that it is time for the council to move on and do their regular work—not his exact words (we were talking, I wasn’t taking notes) but that was his message. The truth is, through this whole issue concerning a city council member’s actions toward city employees, the city council has continued doing their regular work. There have been tensions, but then they just have to go on to the next item on the list.

I agree with Doug. It’s time to move on and hope everything settles down. However, there is one more thing I need to address.

After the council made their way through the meeting agenda, Larry Braun brought up several issues for discussion. His questions kind of seemed like things he could have just asked the mayor or city manager outside of a meeting, but maybe he wanted answers in an open meeting.

I understand. Sometimes I ask questions at city council meetings for that reason.

One of Larry’s issues was if I should be interrupting to ask questions. I thought that issue had been addressed previously when it was pointed out that I should ask Mayor Pelzel to be recognized if I wanted to ask a question during the meeting. There’d been some suggestion that I should wait until after the meeting with my questions.

Sometimes I ask little teeny questions like, “Could you repeat that number?” Sometimes I ask more pointed questions because I think there is something that hasn’t been addressed, or because I want the answer on the record in an open meeting. And sometimes I ask questions after the meeting. Those are questions like, “Could you explain that entire thing you said?” Usually asked of the engineer. I just want to make sure I have it correct.

And sometimes I might “blurt.” Sorry, it happens, I’m working on it. I care about Sleepy Eye and I’m a citizen too. I try to preface my personal comments by telling the council I am not speaking or asking as a reporter, but as a citizen.

I will be asking questions. I need to tell you what the council discusses and decides. Good news, they’re moving ahead.