Report on June 13 school board meeting.

The District 84 Board of Education met in the regular monthly meeting on June 13. After reviewing the long-term facility maintenance plan with Tim Harbo of Harbo Consulting, and the 2017-18 budget with Finance Director Amanda Boomgarden—neither of which generated any questions of note—the board spent about 30 minutes discussing the possibility of pairing with Cedar Mountain School for some sports.

The pairing discussion came about because Cedar Mountain needs to pair with another program for their softball and baseball programs, due to low numbers of students who want to join those teams. The Sleepy Eye school board had earlier agreed to discuss pairing with Cedar Mountain, mainly because of Sleepy Eye’s number issues in other sports, such as football and basketball. Board members had previously indicated a desire to pair with just one district, rather than with different schools for different sports.

The discussion at this board meeting came after several board members met with representatives from Cedar Mountain Schools. An issue the pairing committee brought up was that based on numbers for 2017 to 2019, pairing would put the [softball and baseball] teams in class AA.

Superintendent John Cselovszki, while acknowledging that this was just a discussion of the issue, told the board that Cedar Mountain was eager for a decision so they could plan for the future. Board members felt more discussion was needed. Member Casey Coulson said they hadn’t even discussed it with people in the school district yet.

The board decided to put the pairing discussion on the agenda for their July 24 board retreat and ask Activities Director Cory Haala for projections of students interested in various sports for several years into the future.

Action items approved:

•The facilities maintenance 10-year plan.

•The 2017-18 budget.

•Teacher resignations: Allison Santaella, Amber Waibel, Jason Mode, Crystal Ibberson and Allison Woitas.

•Hiring of Karlie Heiderscheidt as first grade instructor at $34,688.

•Hiring Christina Kirchoefer as K-12 vocal music instructor at $42,258.

•Hiring Rachel Vacek as fourth grade instructor at $34,688.

•Hiring Sydney Geiger as PE/Health instructor at $34,688 and varsity volleyball coach at $3,907 and assistant girls basketball coach at $3,247.

Hiring Ashley McGowan as LD instructor at $37,688.

•Hiring Elizabeth Ness as high school English instructor at $34,688.

•Wrestling cooperative sponsorship with New Ulm for 2017-18 school year.

The next school board meeting is July 19 at 5:30 p.m.