Twenty-seven members of the Sleepy Eye FFA chapter attended Timberland Leadership Camp at Sibley State Park, June 5 to 8.

Twenty-seven members of the Sleepy Eye FFA chapter attended Timberland Leadership Camp at Sibley State Park, near New London, June 5 to 8. Advisors Mary Hoffmann and Nathan McMullen also attended the camp, along with summer intern Bailey Leaman and Kylie Lessman, SDSU student who will student teach in Sleepy Eye in fall 2017. Numerous FFA members from the Tracy, RTR and Marshall FFA chapters also attended the camp.

At the leadership camp, FFA members were able to experience many things—starting with get to know each other activities and trust activities on ropes courses at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center. Campers also attended sessions at which they learned about FFA and creating goals for their future.

Members learned about activities other chapters do with their FFA programs, as well as what they themselves can do in FFA, such as Career Development Events (CDEs) and Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAEs). Members also learned the value of teamwork through multiple activities. At camp, members from each chapter raised and lowered the flag by conducting a ceremony they had fashioned. Members also got to test their skills at canoeing, row boating and archery.

In attendance at camp were the six State FFA Officers: President, Katie Benson; Vice President, Emily Pliscott; Secretary, Kylee Kohls; Treasurer, Spencer Flood; Reporter, Eleora DeMuth and Sentinel, Maddie Weninger. The state officer team helped at camp by leading sessions dealing with opportunities available in FFA and ways to become better leaders. The team also brought fun new games and activities to Timberland. Region officers Josie Lang (Sleepy Eye), Anna Zwach and Mary Sunquist were also in attendance. They presented an SAE session so that members could share ideas and understand the types of SAEs, as well as the applications that can be filled out based on SAEs.

On the final evening of the camp, there was a banquet that was held and run by newly elected camp officers. Camp officers from the Sleepy Eye Chapter included: Brittney Dittbenner, Camp Vice President; Trey Heiderscheidt, Camp Treasurer and Logan Mickelson, Officer-at-Large. Members also enjoyed and participated in the Camp Talent Show and dance, following the banquet.

Attending Timberland Leadership Camp was a great opportunity for the FFA members. The camp-goers are grateful for the opportunity to grow as a person, set goals for themselves, meet new people, make new friends and find out all that the FFA has to offer.