Thank you to the members of the Sleepy Eye Ambulance Service - National EMS Week observed May 21 through 27.

The Sleepy Eye Ambulance Service is a basic life support service staffed by Minnesota Certified EMTs and First Responders, available at all times. In addition to responding to emergency service calls, the ambulance service also offers CPR, First Aid and AED (defibrillator training) classes—both initial and refresher classes—in the community.

“We have two crew members with 30 plus years experience, three with 25 plus, and two more with 20 plus,” said Ambulance Coordinator Shari Hittesdorf. “Those seven people offer a total of 190 years of experience.”

Members of the Sleepy Eye Ambulance Service don’t limit their service to the community to official emergency calls. They are seen at just about any community event, from showing off an ambulance at Party in the Park, or appearing in the Corn Day parade, to volunteering their services at local football and hockey games, and some walk/run events. In the words of their motto: “We’re there because we care!”

Each spring the EMTs help with bike safety clinics and bike rodeos at the three local grade schools.

They teach CPR to students at both Sleepy Eye Public and St. Mary's School. “It's a state law now, for every student to have CPR training prior to graduating. We have been providing this service free of charge since 1994,” said Hittesdorf. “We also train doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, city workers, lifeguards, daycare providers, and many different local business employees on life saving procedures, and have helped place over two dozen AEDs throughout the community.”

In Sleepy Eye, you just can’t avoid the dedicated members of the Ambulance Service. They’re always there, because they care.