Editor's column

Hot enough for you? Ha-ha, I know, old joke (and not funny). I feel a bit guilty that I live in an air-conditioned house, drive an air-conditioned car and work in an air-conditioned office. The experts advise getting into the air-conditioning these hot days, and I’ll have no challenge doing that. I feel bad for the people who have to work outside, or don’t have air-conditioning where they live or work.

Living here where we have the four vastly different seasons, the other thing I’ve heard said is, “I can take the bitter cold in the winter better than I can take this heat. I can always dress for the cold, but a person can only take off so much.” True, and taking off most of your clothes wouldn’t even make you feel any cooler in high temperatures with high humidity. So, just dress in light, loose clothing—but keep it on.

I have a habit of walking out the door of our office and heading directly across the street. Yes, I know, that’s border-line illegal. But it never fails that if I go all the way to the corner the light turns red when I get there, so frustrating.

If you think I am putting myself in danger, I understand. I’ve informed the staff that if I get hit crossing the street they should grab the camera as they call 911.

It should be much easier to complete my maneuver when traffic is detoured to Walnut Street the next few weeks (see my front page article). Anyone driving on Main Street will probably be going slow and peering around to figure out where they can drive and park, and the big fast trucks will be a block away.

I’d like to clarify something that we had on our sports page last week. I’d seen a tweet, something about WCCO at Stark for a town ball story. I even got an email from Kip giving me a heads-up about it. After a phone call to a Stark Longhorns representative and quite a bit of online searching, I was no closer to finding out what was actually supposed to happen at the game. James St. Peter, the high school student who is helping cover sports, went to the game, took team pictures, and saw no evidence of WCCO there. But, duh, KEYC was there—it was their town ball series! I wish I’d been able to figure that out before the game. We didn’t mean to imply that Stark had misinformed us, it was more of a misunderstanding and lack of accurate information. See the video and story at http://www.keyc.com/story/32419989/stark-town-team-remains-off-the-map.