When it comes to keeping a family business up and running, the staff at Randy’s Family Drug and Gift are in the know.

When it comes to keeping a family business up and running, the staff at Randy’s Family Drug and Gift are in the know. Randy’s son Chad and his wife, Sam, stepped in to work in the pharmacy back in 2012 without knowing for certain how long they’d stay in Sleepy Eye. Since they’ve settled here for the long term, Sam has unleashed her creativity for the betterment of the drugstore.

Sam recently designed the store’s new logo, which is now found on business cards, above the pharmacy counter, and on the new staff uniforms. Soon, the logo will be featured on their new store mugs.

“Before, the logo was a more general pharmacy symbol––a mortar and pestle,” said Sam. “We wanted to go towards a more family theme, so the new logo is a family tree.”

Completed with the new slogan “Your Town. Your Family. Your Drugstore,” Sam used a basic and familiar program to design the logo––Microsoft Paint. Though she chose the inexpensive route, Sam admitted the program’s limited editing tools led to hours of tweaking the design. But now that it’s been perfected, the logo is a permanent trademark for Randy’s.

In terms of service, Randy’s also has a variety of new offerings for the local and surrounding communities. With no appointment needed, customers can walk in and receive immunizations for whooping cough (Tdap) and shingles (Zostavax), and vaccinations for pneumonia (Pheumovax and Prevnar13) and the flu. Randy’s also offers flu clinics, in which a pharmacist goes to a work site to vaccinate employees.

Randy’s also offers a new service called Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Sam described MTM as a service in which a customer meets face to face with a pharmacist. “Basically, you go through your list of medications to make sure there aren’t any problems,” she said. “You make sure the dosing is correct.”

That’s not all––Medsync is a program that aligns medications so customers can get all their prescription drugs at once. iMedicare is a new program that helps people 65 and over choose Medicare part D plan and also helps seniors save money on a plan. And now that Randy’s has a website and an app for smartphones, customers can easily refill their prescriptions.

In the past two years, Randy’s has also acquired a plethora of new products. Medela breast pumps for new moms and the corresponding accessories, like bottles, are among the most popular items. Randy’s also hosts a newly expanded durable medical supplies section, which includes wheelchairs, walkers, support stockings and diabetic shoes. According to Randy Armbruster, no other pharmacy in Brown County carries these supplies.

As for the gift section of the drugstore, the shelves and wracks are filled with diversity.

“We always have new jewelry and scarves coming in, and wall art is really big,” said Sam. Of these wall hangings, some of the most original pieces are handcrafted Sleepy Eye signs made by Randy’s daughter Krista Moeller, founder of KMdesigns. Other notable items include baby gifts, Hallmark products, Swan Creek candles and, most recently, essential oils and diffusers.

What’s in store for the future of Randy’s Family Drug and Gift? Sam has a plan to open a coffee and sitting area in the corner by the artificial flowers, but the first step is to redo the bathroom. Sam knows customers will use the facilities more frequently if they drink coffee at the store.

“There’s a method to my madness,” she joked. “We’re going to start small in the next year. If it really takes off, we’ll see what happens.”

Sam said they won’t order materials for making specialty coffee beverages like lattes and mochas just yet. The popularity of the regular coffee will determine whether they expand their options. Until then, there are plenty of other reasons to stop in at the local drugstore.