The EDA Board held a shortened business meeting on Oct. 24 meeting, to make time for a presentation by The Legal Professionals.

During the business meeting, the board approved a request from the Downtown District Committee for $1,000 to secure the services of Ron Drake Consulting for downtown redevelopment services to begin in 2018. They also approved a resolution concerning the 12th Avenue railroad crossing which will be submitted to Bolton and Menk, along with other letters of support from around the community, to show support in having this project move forward.

The EDA finance committee will meet to discuss three specific items: First is a discussion on the recently purchased property on the corner of Highways 4 and 14—where they removed the old gas station that has stood vacant for the past 20 years—on the best options for the use of the property. There has already been interest in this property from a number of businesses in the community. Second, they will be discussing possible options for the South Dakota property received as collateral for the loan to the most recent owner of the Orchid Inn. Finally, they will discuss possible options for the Orchid Inn facility, as it will be completely vacated following the Nov. 18 auction of its contents. The finance committee will bring recommendations on these topics to the full EDA Board for discussion and further action.

The remainder of the October EDA meeting was spent listening to the presentation by representatives of The Legal Professionals regarding their interest in being involved and/or partnering with the EDA and economic development here in Sleepy Eye. It was agreed that working together on certain projects would be beneficial for the community. I will share more details in the future about these possibilities as they develop.

I would also like to mention that the EDA Board members mentioned they’ve taken notice of certain buildings in the downtown district as they have really taken on an improved look and now reflect the improved aesthetics of these buildings. They are great examples of what we would like to continue to see on our Main Street!