The editor's column about working together to make the community strong.

I’ve been thinking about civic responsibility since I visited with Lori Hirschboeck the other morning. We’ve been friends since the olden days (the 90s) when I worked for the chamber of commerce. Lori was very involved in the chamber and I always knew I could count on her help with projects. Either she already had a sense of civic responsibility, or it really grew in her then.

I liked that she told me she’d serve on the city council to fulfill that sense of civic responsibility. Our community, and every community, relies on many people who agree to serve in some way.

And civic responsibility isn’t just about serving in government. Think of all the examples. A community also includes businesses, schools, churches and organizations. Each of these, in some unique way, responds to serve the community.

People are asked to serve in church leadership and volunteer for church projects. Schools need everyone from the school board members to the volunteers who read with students. Business people are invited to join the chamber and help make the community thrive. Many organizations are formed just to meet some community need.

Parents teach civic responsibility through their example. They also teach it when they bring their children to community events and encourage them to volunteer or do a good deed.

All of this “civic” activity comes together, along with the work of city government, to build a strong community. I’m not talking about some generic strong community, I’m talking about our strong community.

We can all do our part, take on our own brand of civic responsibility, and continue to make Sleepy Eye a great place to live, work and play.