Editor's musings on autumn and all the fun fall things going on this weekend in Sleepy Eye.

Or maybe I should say, “Autumn’s on the calendar,” since the air is still summer-like. Autumn is a favorite season for many of us in Minnesota. It is for me anyway. I guess I do know people who thrive on hot, humid summer days - just not very many.

Maybe it is the change of season that I like. . . the first warmish day in spring when I don’t wear a coat . . . the first day in summer when the air feels like a warm caress on bare arms . . . even that first snowfall - so pretty and my home feels so cozy.

But when fall comes I am really happy. Those warm summer days get to be too much of a good thing. The cool fall evenings allow me to turn off the air and open the windows (sniff, sneeze, cough.)

Fall brings to mind clear blue skies, fresh air and yellow, orange and red leaves. I love the colors of autumn. I’d much rather decorate my home with various shades of orange than put up a Christmas tree!

We are just wrapping up two weeks of Homecoming at the local schools—another reason to love fall. I’ll share just this one old-timey fall memory, a Homecoming memory.

You old folks like me certainly have memories of Homecoming bonfires. I remember one year when our class was in charge of collecting the mountain of cardboard boxes for the bonfire.

For you young’uns, just imagine it –– a huge pile of cardboard, assembled on the edge of the school yard (this was at Public School, I think maybe St. Mary’s did it in the stubbles) and lit on fire to the delight of an unruly crowd of children and teens. How exciting! How dangerous! I think the fire department came, and I’ll bet they loved that job.

The bonfire was held after coronation. I remember looking up at the school and seeing the Homecoming Queen and other candidates watching from the library windows. Probably didn’t want to set their dresses on fire.

So, autumn’s good and there are some good autumny things going on in Sleepy Eye this weekend. The second Homecoming of the month, at St. Mary’s, and there is even a parade.

Public School is presenting their fall play - a musical called Into the Woods. I saw the movie and it was a lot of fun, a mish-mash of several well known fairy tales.

The ninth annual Women’s EXPO is at Sleepy Eye Medical Center on Saturday morning. Ladies—if you haven’t gone in the past, make this the year. There will be a nice variety of vendors, healthy snacks, free health screenings and great speakers on women’s health issues.

It’s also the weekend for another, even more long-standing, Sleepy Eye event. On Sunday, the Great Grassroots Gathering will be held in Allison Park. Flea market, crafts, food and fun. This year the featured entertainers are Sandra Lee and The Velvets. I haven’t heard them since they reappeared on the music scene –– it looks like Sunday will be my chance.

Enjoy a great weekend of fun in Sleepy Eye!