A summary of some of the top local athletes that you just might want to go watch.

Brianna Polesky – Cross Country

Polesky is quietly putting together the most impressive season in any area fall sports. As a sophomore, she has four top 10 finishes including two wins through four meets so far this season. Polesky qualified for the state meet last season as a freshman where she took 48th place. You can bet Polesky will back their again this season and improve on last years finish. With her determination and ability, Polesky is definitely worth a trip to go watch in a sport that doesn't get nearly enough credit as it should.

Anna Lux – Volleyball

When you need a big point or huge spike to get the crowd going, Lux is the person for the job. The junior is off to a great start this season as she lead the St. Mary's Knights in kills. She also can get a rally started with her serve as she can rack up the aces as well. She has 69 kills already on the season and has had three games in which she has recorded five or more aces. Her ability to hit and play all-around makes Lux a must watch this fall season.

Josie Schieffert – Volleyball

The six-foot senior has been impressive all year. Her ability at the net and to pass has her as one of the best all-around players in the area. She also can get a rally going with her serve as she has 10 aces on the season. She currently has 99 kills on the season as well. Her leadership as a senior and overall ability makes her worth a trip to go watch.

Austin Fischer – Football

There is only one way to describe Fischer out on the football field: tough. Through nagging injuries and bumps and bruises, Fischer is having a solid season for the Indians despite their 0-5 record. The kid plays the game hard and is a leader on the field both vocally and physically. He has the Indians improving every week and he will continue to do that in his senior season. Fischer continues to improve in the passing game and is a fun guy to watch play the game of football.

Nathan Schroepfer – Football

Schroepfer has been the workhorse for the Knights football all season in the backfield. Schroepfer is averaging 23 carries per a game and is averaging 3.6 yards per a carry. He's a hard nose runner and has the ability to break off a big run at any point. He has 417 yards rushing this season and two touchdowns through five games. You may want to be in the crowd when he busts that big run.

Kalyn Haas – Tennis

At first singles for the River Valley Wildcats tennis team, Haas is fun to watch. Her serve makes her tough opponent no matter who she is playing and her agility can keep her in tight matches. Once again, a sport that doesn't get enough credit, but Haas is a legit player and can put on a show.