Adam Connolly, who is interning at Trinity Lutheran Church this year, came to Sleepy Eye just in time to volunteer at Corn Day. Connolly said he and his dad serve on the committee for the community festival in his hometown of Blaine, so he could handle getting behind the grill at Corn Day just fine. Plus it gave him the opportunity to meet people in Sleepy Eye right away.

Connolly is in his third year of study at Luther Seminary in St. Paul - a year traditionally spent interning in the church setting. He said Pastor Keith Ainsley is his “professor” supervising his work this year - a role Pastor Ainsley has filled for several interns in the past. Connolly will return to Luther Seminary next school year to complete his final course work prior to ordination and the start of his career as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Connolly said he felt called to the ministry for quite some time, but thought maybe if he did a lot of volunteer work at church it would be enough and the call “would go away.” That wasn’t to be, so after completing a degree in political science at the University of Minnesota, Connolly enrolled in the Masters of Divinity program at Luther Seminary.

During this year at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sleepy Eye, Connolly will work some in youth ministry, preach at Sunday services and attend many committee meetings as he learns what the career and life of a pastor is like. He knows there will be much more to keep him busy and is looking forward to it. “I am especially excited about not being in school, but finally doing the things I’m learning about,” he said.