Reebok is trying to compete with brands like Under Armour and Nike by going after a different kind of customer. 

In order to gain back athletic market share, Reebok is going after a more hardcore customer, according to Adweek.

The athletic company's share of the sneaker market has been declining since it was acquired by Adidas, reports David Gianatasio.

Reebok currently controls 2% of the US market, compared with 8% a decade ago. 

The brand is trying to win over a so-called "tough fitness" customer through partnerships with "high-intensity workout firm CrossFit and the grueling, muddy Spartan race," Gianatasio writes. 

This differs from brands like Lululemon and Nike, which are touting the new "athleisure" trend of wearing your gym clothes to work and brunch. 

In a new advertisement, the brand touts the benefits of waking up early to do grueling workouts. 

"We do it to be better. Period," the ad says. 

The strategy is paying off: Reebok has posted net sales growth for the past 7 quarters. 

While Reebok is going after hardcore athletes, Under Armour is focusing on huge celebrity endorsements. 

The brand recently announced partnerships with boxing legend Muhammad Ali and NBA All-Star Stephen Curry.

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