I don’t mind basketball, and I love hockey, but the fact that there are only two sports to cover for the entire winter season starts to get old pretty quickly.

In the fall, high school athletes get to choose from a wide variety of sports to participate in with football, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and tennis programs. Not only is this nice for the kids, but it’s awesome for me as I get to cover all of those throughout each week and it doesn’t get sickening. And then comes winter.

Maybe it’s because I’m going from covering five sports to just two within a blink of an eye. Or maybe it’s just the cold winter blues getting to me. Whatever the reason, the winter sports season starts to get old about halfway through. Not only am I covering just two sports for almost four straight months, but the only sport I cover in town is basketball. All of the hockey games take place in New Ulm, which means no variety at all when it comes to winter sporting events in town.

So what about the other three winter sports that most schools around the country have programs in? First off, is wrestling. I am very aware that there was a wrestling co-op between Springfield and Sleepy Eye, but unfortunately that no longer exists mainly due to lack of interest. It’s really too bad because wrestling is such a unique sport. It’s very technical and you don’t have to be big and strong to be a good wrestler.

Second, is swimming. I know they’re expensive to maintain, but Sleepy Eye desperately needs an indoor swimming pool. If one of the schools was able to purchase one I think a lot of high schoolers would be interested in making a co-op team.

Third, is gymnastics. Gymnastics is another unique sport because it’s really multiple sports in one, and requires a lot of strength and skill. Maybe someone should open up a small recreation facility at the new snow property with an indoor pool and some gymnastics equipment which both schools could use. Hopefully some day we can bring back wrestling and have swimming and gymnastics teams. High schoolers, make your interest in these sports heard!