The District 84 Board of Education met on Nov. 12 and discussed a variety of items.

The District 84 Board of Education met on Nov. 12 and discussed a variety of items.


Good news items were the successful school play, the staff outing, and the winter sports season starting soon. It was discussed and decided that sports banners will be hung in the gym and the colors of all banners will be orange and black, even banners from teams that feature multiple schools.


Board member Sheila Schmid reported she met with the Science Committee and was impressed with all of what they are doing. It was also reported that the Community Education meeting announced there will be two plays this summer. It was mentioned that more apartments and housing is needed in town for newer teachers.


Sixth grade social studies teacher Kathryn Serra presented to the board what the students have been learning in the Junior Achievement Biz Town project.


Serra said the student-run program focuses on real world experiences. Students learned how banks, checks, interest rates, loans, and ATMs work, practiced applying for jobs with resume writing and job interviews, and practiced many other real life scenarios. Various members on the board mentioned that the kids love the program.


Superintendent John Cselovszki reported to the board that Arneson Distributing made an Elementary Business to School presentation in October. He reported the elementary fundraiser was a success, with over $12,000 in sales. He also mentioned the recent WOW teacher program recognitions went to Kris Bloedel, Mindy Hardin, Lori Ibberson, Nicole Jensen, Sarah Lendt, Lisa Riederer, Samantha Schmit, Alyssa Stevensen, Shirley Tennant, and Lyndsay Vogel.


Action items approved were:

Family medical leave request for Mindy Hardin; Open enrollment requests (three out); Accept the following donations: Basketball Booster Club donation of $551.40 to the boy’s basketball program, anonymous donation of $1,000 to FFA, $500 from PBIS, $1,000 from Lions Club for Biz Town program transportation for Public and St. Mary’s students; Approve 2013-14 annual FLY report; Resolution canvassing return of votes of school district general election and authorizing issuance of certificates of election.  

Next meeting is Wednesday, Dec.10 at 5:15 p.m., with a truth and taxation meeting at 6 p.m.