A total of 19 local runners ran among thousands of runners at the Mankato Marathon event last weekend.

A total of 19 local runners ran among thousands of runners at the Mankato Marathon event last weekend.


Two Sleepy Eye residents participated in the full marathon, which began at the parking lot of Minnesota State University Mankato and ended downtown on Riverfront Drive. John Maas, who is also participating in the Gnarly Bandit Series which consists of 100 mile races, took 59th place in the Mankato Marathon with a chip time of 3:34:52 with a mile pace of 8:14. The other resident was Heidi Kuelbs, who placed 263rd with a chip time of 4:27:42. There were a total of 444 runners in the full marathon.


Meanwhile, 14 other locals ran in the half marathon of 13 miles. The top finisher from Sleepy Eye was Scott DeMaris, who took 81st place with a chip time of 1:37:13 and a mile pace of 7:26. DeMaris said he was happy with the event overall.


“Mankato does a great job of putting on this event. The weather was nice. I was pleased with my race even though my time was slower than last year. Congratulations to all the Sleepy Eye runners in the various races.”


Behind DeMaris was Kevin Haataj, who took 603rd with a time of 1:59:35 and a pace of 9:08. Next was Mary Maas, who took 609th with a time of 1:59:43 and a pace of 9:09. A total of 1,545 runners competed in the race.


There were also three local runners who ran in the 10K event. Karla Bauer won her age group in the race, placing 41st overall with a time of 45:49 and a pace of 7:23. Meanwhile, Amanda Fischer took 401st with a time of 1:02:37 and a pace of 10:05. Kuelbs also ran this event, and placed 524th with a time of 1:08:49 and a pace of 11:05.


Other Local Results: Half Marathon (Place, Name, Age, Chip Time, Pace)

678, Karie Seifert (26) 2:02:23, 9:21; 692, William Jakobitz (22) 2:02:51, 9:23; 918, Laura Rosenhammer (23) 2:11:21, 10:02; 983, Sarah Mielke (56) 2:13:53, 10:14; 1146, Naomi Weiss (33) 2:20:32, 10:44; 1165, Angela Bode (25) 2:21:24, 10:48; 1186, Tork Schweiss (43) 2:22:47, 10:54; 1207, Jordan Kuelbs (23) 2:23:45, 10:59; 1208, Angela Pidde (36) 2:23:45, 10:59; 1351, Jenna Krzmarzick (25) 2:34:00 11:46; 1427, Paul Hoffmann (47) 2:44:29, 12:34; 1430, Meggan Hoffmann (36) 2:45:00, 12:36.