Ever since I returned from Brazil, I’ve felt a little under the weather. It started with headaches, and for a while I figured it was just a common cold. Usually when I get a cold I try and push through it and not let it keep me from doing every day activities and exercising. However, it wasn’t until recently that the headaches got so bad I decided to go to the clinic where I was told I have mono.


Most cases of mono involve exactly what I endured. I had a temperature of 101 degrees, which surprised me but apparently a fever is pretty typical for mono. I was also pretty exhausted for a few days to the point where I would just nap all day and do nothing. I also had a sore neck, which apparently was due to the slightly swollen lymph node glands on my neck. The worst part by far however, were the pounding headaches. They got to a point where the back of my head pounded with every heart beat. Thankfully, due to a lot of rest and pain relievers, I’m feeling a lot better but I found out mono can last up to two months.


I really hope my tales of mono don’t make you think twice about traveling. I most likely got it when I bit into a rare fruit in the Amazon jungle after everyone else in our group bit into it as well. And don’t worry-mono is only contagious through saliva which is why it’s sometimes called “the kissing disease.”


In other news, summer baseball and softball is quickly wrapping up which is crazy. The seasons went by really quickly and it’s pretty weird to think school will start in just over three weeks. However, this means football season is around the corner as well which is exciting. Some of you will probably attend the Vikings training camp, which starts this Friday in Mankato. Maybe I’ll eat some ribs at Rib Fest next weekend and meander over to the training grounds while I’m at it.