The St. Mary's softball team has won three and lost two in its five most recent games.

The St. Mary’s softball team has won three and lost two in its five most recent games.

On May 1, the Lady Knights were in Comfrey where they dominated the Rockets in a double-header. In game one, St. Mary’s took a 5-0 lead before jumping to a 11-0 lead after a big third inning. The Knights hit well at bat, while junior Laura Pelzel did well on the mound. Pelzel threw six strikeouts, no hits and no walks over the first three innings before sophomore Brianna Bertrand took over. Bertrand threw two strikeouts, one hit, one run and four walks.

Senior Andrea Schwartz led St. Mary’s after going 3-for-3 with two runs and two RBIs. Behind her was Larissa Helget, who also scored two runs and had one RBI. Emily Schumacher and Bethany Berkner combined for five RBI, while Ashley Helget and Cassie Smith each had two runs scored.

In game two, St. Mary’s scored 14 runs in the first inning to take a commanding lead. The Knights continued to take advantage of CMC’s poor pitching and were unstoppable at bat. Meanwhile, freshman Anna Lux was on the mound for St. Mary’s, and threw 2 strikeouts, two walks, four hits and one run in the win.

Lux also got the win at bat, going 3-for-4 with five RBIs and one run scored. Behind her was Jena Schroepfer, who added two RBIs. Not to mention, Schwartz scored three runs in the win. Coach Wendy Owens said it was a nice day to get her girls some playing time.

“After being off for almost a week plus given the conditions, we played well.”

On May 2, the girls hosted Mountain Lake Area.

It was a windy day for softball as the players had to carefully judge their throws as the wind curved the ball left and right. After two scoreless innings led by Pelzel on the mound, the Knights opened up their bats in the third inning after Berkner hit a big RBI double which gave them the lead. Berkner had two RBI in the win. Emily Schumacher had the other hit and run scored in the third. The Wolverines shortened the deficit to just one in the sixth, but Senior Deonna Brinkman hit an exciting home run in the bottom sixth to seal the deal.

Pelzel was the winning pitcher after throwing nine strikeouts and just one walk on the mound.

“This was a battle of pitchers,” Owens said. “Laura pitched a great game and her team came through with enough runs for us to win the game.”

On May 6, St. Mary’s was in New Ulm to take on the Greyhounds in a double-header.

Game one was a tough one for the Knights, as New Ulm Cathedral allowed no runs on defense while going on a hitting frenzy on offense. The Greyhounds hit two home runs and won it 12-0 in six innings.

St. Mary’s wasn’t discouraged, as it picked things up in game two. Lux carried the Knights on the mound through the first five innings, pitching three runs on four hits, but allowed a grand slam to Cathedral’s Lindsay Simon. The Greyhounds also had a three run home run later on. Brinkman gave St. Mary’s some hope however after hitting a triple, which followed by Pelzel hitting an RBI single to shorten the deficit to 9-12, but Cathedral went on to win 12-10.

Brinkman went 4-for-5 in game two, with two RBIs and two runs, while L. Helget had a two-run home run in the fourth.