It was a sloppy second half for the St. Mary’s boys basketball team on Dec. 3 in Sleepy Eye.

Springfield 71

St. Mary’s 67

It was a sloppy second half for the St. Mary’s boys basketball team on Dec. 3 in Sleepy Eye.

The Tigers out-shot the Knights 47-30 in the second half alone, which was enough to take the game despite the 13-point lead St. Mary’s had at the half. Knights Coach Tim Milliard said his team wasn’t very efficient offensively in the second half.

“Offensively we kind of got discombobulated,” Milliard said. “We missed some shots, missed some layups, tried to do too much.”

The first half was quite successful for the Knights. St. Mary’s showed tight defense along with a patient offense which gave the Knights a solid lead which they held on to, despite numerous fouls from both teams.

The Tigers came out in the second half and put on a physical, quick-paced battle in an attempt to shorten St. Mary’s lead. This is exactly what they did, as Springfield’s offense was able to make more rebounds while the Knights offense couldn’t keep up. In only a matter of minutes the Tigers caught up and tied the game at 53 and took the lead shortly after. St. Mary’s made a lot of costly fouls which Springfield took advantage of as well.

In the final minutes, Springfield managed to make almost every basket on its possessions, while St. Mary’s scrambled and couldn’t make any clutch plays. There was some hope for the Knights however, after an easy lay-up was made by senior Mike Hirsch which brought the score to 67-70. After a failed pass by a Tiger, another opportunity presented itself to St. Mary’s but the Knights missed two three-pointers in a row with 24 seconds left. After one more point was made by Springfield on a foul, St. Mary’s had a final chance but missed even more three-pointers which ended the game


“We’re playing a bunch of juniors who don’t have a lot of varsity experience,” said Millard on the loss. “But when I look at it overall I thought we did a lot of good things just for the first game.”

Senior Mike Hirsch led the Knights with 21 points and three three-pointers while junior David Surprenant had 10 points and two threes. Junior Payton Adams and Senior John Brandl had eight points apiece on the night.