My girlfriend Krystal and I recently put up some Christmas decorations around our house. One of the decorations includes a three-foot tall Christmas tree that I’ve had for years. The mini tree worked great in college when I lived in tiny dorm rooms, and I thought it could serve as our tree this year. I figured the tree was good enough, especially since both of us will be spending Christmas day with our families.

But for Krystal, this minuscule tree doesn’t do justice when it comes to the Christmas spirit. She wants to get a real tree, you know, the ones that shed needles and require purchasing, transporting, watering and so on. To me it’s just too much work and would take up too much space in our small rental home. I do enjoy real trees, in fact I’m usually the one who picks out the best tree for my parents each year at the ol’ tree farm. But Krystal and I are simply far too busy to handle our jobs along with a dog, a cat, AND a tree in December. This might not stop Krystal however, as she is still debating buying one this weekend.

Personally, I will continue having a strong Christmas spirit with or without a real tree. It’s a good thing, since I don’t have much spirit when it comes to my favorite pro sports teams at the moment. The Packers got absolutely demolished by the Lions on Thanksgiving, which continues their winless streak to five. What makes things worse is the Packers are debating benching Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season so he is fully healthy for next season. It does make sense, but it’s unfortunate how much he brings to the team and how our playoff hopes were quickly diminished after his injury. In basketball, I cheer for the Milwaukee Bucks, who recently had an 11 game losing streak. Clearly it hasn’t been going too hot for Wisconsin teams recently. There’s always next year!