One of my favorite events took place Monday evening. The kickoff to the holiday season.

One of my favorite events took place Monday evening. The kickoff to the holiday season.

Santa visited Sleepy Eye and lit the lights in Wooldrik Park which is the official kickoff to the holiday for Sleepy Eye. Everyone went to the community center to visit more with Santa and have supper and a new Little Miss and Mr. Holiday were crowned.

It's fun watching children be plopped on Santa's lap. Their little head takes a swing upward to catch a glimps of whose lap they were positioned on. Their big eyes get even bigger as they look at Santa from the sideways glance. Some giggle while others have a totally different opinion of the jolly elf. Little checks turn beet red and tears spring from their eyes. They cannot wait until their mommy or daddy pick them up from Santa's lap. It's as much a part of the scene as snow and snowmen, Christmas trees and presents. I love the holidays. But before Christmas can really begin, the end of this week brings Thanksgiving.

Last week I mentioned about the things we have to be thankful for.

I'm thankful for the time I spent with Mom, Aunt Vicki and my cousins.

I was also able to spend the day with a friend in the Cities Saturday and see the musical, Christmas of Swing. The story of the Andrews Sisters. It was an amazing performance.

I'm thankful for a great family and wonderful friends and for a job that, while sometimes can be quite stressful, provides me a living.

Once the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and the turkey and left overs are eaten, it will be time to bring out the Christmas tree, decorations, wrap the presents and bring on my favorite time of year. The kids will be home in just a couple of weeks to have our early Christmas so my season was pushed along a bit.

Whatever your plans this Thanksgiving holiday, take at least a moment and remember everything you have to be thankful for. The blessings which have been bestowed upon you by the One who gave everything for us.

Thought for the week: Butterflies count not months but moments, and yet have enough time. – Raymond Tagore