Pistachio maker Wonderful is known for using Internet favorites like Dennis Rodman and Keyboard Cat in their weird, minimalist ads, and they had a big hit with Psy's "Gagnam Style" Super Bowl spot last year.

Now sources ranging from AdAge to the National Enquirer are reporting that Miley Cyrus will be starring in a Wonderful ad of her own this upcoming Super Bowl.

Cyrus has been more popular than ever following the new, daringly weird image she launched this fall.

"Miley's name automatically gets a brand media coverage. But it can't be a brand that already has a strong emotional connection with consumers. It has to be a brand that's simply trying to get mass awareness," celebrity agent David Schwab told USA Today. Schwab also believes Wonderful Pistachios will be the lucky brand to land Miley.

Fox Sports is charging advertisers $4 million per 30 seconds during the upcoming Super Bowl, making it the most expensive one yet. 

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