The year was 1983, and 28-year-old Steve Jobs was hosting an Apple event for his employees.

Jobs invited three software guys: Frank Gibbons of Software Publishing Co., Mitch Kapor of Lotus, and none other than Bill Gates of Microsoft.

All of the men are in their geek-chic uniform of khakis and polo shirts (the hoodies of yesteryear), to answer questions about their company's relationship with Apple, all in the style of "The Dating Game". 

In the video below, you'll hear only Gates' answers, but those, of course, are the most interesting. The two seem almost chummy, and the crowd is completely entertained. 

Jobs and Gates didn't meet onstage again for almost 25 years after this event.

You'll see that Bill Gates is really trying win that "date" in this game, but who does Jobs pick in the end? Watch and find out.

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