News on the government shutdown and accused 70-year-old murderers.


News to know

A husband and wife from Mississippi who are in their 70s are separately accused of murder dating back more than 30 years. Alice Uden is accused of murdering her husband in the 1970s, and Gerald Uden is accused of murdering his wife and her two children in 1980. All the murders took place in Wyoming, officials said, though a link between the two wasn’t revealed.

Quote of note

"What the president is asking Republicans in the House to do is quite literally the least they could do. He's asking them to extend funding at the levels set in the previous fiscal year to keep the government open." - White House spokesman Jay Carney, talking about a meeting President Barack Obama called with members of Congress to discuss the government shutdown.

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The government shutdown puts the planet at risk of being smacked by an asteroid and, even worse, it reduces cute animals on the Internet! Jen Markham explains some of the more unusual effects of the federal government shutdown.


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