Kristina Iwan, Music and Choir teacher, Sleepy Eye Public School

What inspired you to become a teacher?

“My high school choir director during my senior year was the one who helped solidify my desire to teach.” 

What is most challenging as a teacher? Why?

Kristina said the most challenging part of being a teacher can sometimes be classroom management.  

What teaching moment is most memorable?

“As a new teacher, I’d have to say they are all memorable and humbling.” 

More about Kristina

Age 23

Experience: Student taught at Birch Grove Elementary School for the Arts in Brooklyn Park and New Life Academy in Woodbury.

Education: Kristina received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Northwestern College in St. Paul.

Hometown: Apple Valley.

Family: Three brothers, two live in the States and one brother lives with Kristina’s parents in West Africa.