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McDonald's is selling black and white bunned burgers in Hong Kong. The black dye is made out of squid ink. Mmm. While the limited time treat appears to have first premiered in Spring, it has recently been getting a lot of buzz on the American blogosphere.

Digiday thinks that there are only two things that brands need to know about the web.

A new study by Flurry implies that Samsung users are more lucrative to advertisers than Android users. Read why here.

iTunes Radio is debuting in September with some big name sponsors, including McDonald's and P&G.

Speaking of P&G, the company is spending 35% of its marketing budget in the digital sphere, Ad Age reports.

Y&R hired three artists to paint abstract murals in the shop's new Columbus Circle digs.

Niche apps that you've probably never heard of got major shout outs in TBWA/Media Arts Lab's new iPad ad.

Creative ad agencies can't seem to hold on to their CEOs.

Energizer shifted some of its brands from Grey to JWT.

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