Don’t get me wrong, both Sleepy Eye Public and St. Mary’s sports teams are great at what they do. Making it to the playoff bracket in any high school sport is an accomplishment. But why stop there? Are we all really, truly satisfied with our team’s seasons ending in the playoffs or do we all secretly want more?

I want more. That is why I believe St. Mary’s and Sleepy Eye Public should merge all of their sports teams together.

Whoa! Crazy idea, Chris. You do realize one school is Catholic and the other is Public, right? Yes, I realize this. But does that really matter when it comes to sports?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has come up with this idea. Actually, I know for a fact I’m not the only one. I know for a fact because someone came up with the idea of merging the track teams. Sleepy Eye Unified includes track athletes from both schools. So why can’t we be the unstoppable SEU team for all sports?

Even the summer baseball leagues feature players from both schools in them. The teams are doing quite well, and a big part of the reason is because you have talent from both schools coming together to form an all-star team.

Just imagine the talent we would have in all of our high school sports. In my opinion, we would be a top contender for winning the Section Title in almost every sport each season. We would be well-known all around the area-perhaps all around Minnesota for having such a great sports scene.

But not only would the stars of each sport come together to play, so would the coaches. We would have twice as many coaches if we merged into one team for each sport, which would help the athletes reach their full potential as an athlete. Not to mention, more coaches equals more individualized coaching and one-on-one personalized training.

So let’s make this a reality. It just makes too much sense to ignore. Nothing is impossible. Let’s collaborate and make all other 2A teams shudder when they hear they will be playing against the unbeatable Sleepy Eye Unified team of all-stars.