Saving money by taking the time to clip and cut!

I have memories of my mom going through the Sunday paper, meticulously cutting out the coupons she needed for the week, and then using them to save money.  I thought they were bygone memories, old fashioned.  I didn't realize what a craze it is to be a couponer!  I love how things that we once considered "old fashioned" are coming back.  Last year my friend Mary called to exclaim that she had used coupons at Walgreens, got one weeks worth of stuff and after everything was rung through, the store owed her money!  How does that even happen?  

Lucky for me I am not that dedicated (I have a one track mind sometimes and my family would suffer if I was a die-hard) but I can use my friend Mary as a resource.  

Today I have a goal.  Get this week's grocery needs, including fresh produce, for under $50.  I went online immediately and typed "free printable coupons" into the search engine and popped up.  I was able to gather 6 coupons from that sight saving me $4.65.  My dilemma?  I need to save $12. (I have already figured my bill according to what I usually pay).  I am on my way.  Another 20 minutes of searching and I think I can come up with the coupons to make it happen.  

Check back tomorrow and I will divulge if I was able to do it!  GO COUPONING!