I’m a fan of snow. It seems very peaceful whenever it snows. But even this is a stretch for me. Especially when it delays the spring sports season by nearly three weeks.

It’s pretty unfortunate that we will see a much shorter local spring sports season this year, especially because the season is so short as it is. Playoffs this year for most of the spring sports begin the week of May 20, which means the regular season will only be about a month long after considering all of the game cancellations.

What I think the teams should do is play the games anyway. Wouldn’t that be entertaining? Just imagine watching an outdoor baseball game in blizzard conditions. Players wouldn’t be able to hit rolling grounders, let alone be able to see the white bases covered in snow. But golf would be even more entertaining. It would take a few hours just to play one hole because everyone would just be searching for their ball the whole time. I’m not sure how putting on snow would work, but it would be pretty amusing to see a plus 190 as a winning score.

Speaking of golf, the 2013 Masters Golf Tournament was held last week in Georgia, in which Australian Adam Scott ended with the win and the green jacket. It was a really exciting Masters Sunday because of all of the rain the players had to fight through. Scott is the only Aussie to win the Masters, which is pretty cool. Being a disc golfer myself, I had a great time watching the best players in the world compete at the biggest golf tournament of the year. I just wish there was the same amount of media coverage at the Disc Golf World Championships.

On the basketball side of things, the NBA playoffs begin on the 20th, which is about the only time I actually watch the NBA, but nonetheless it should be exciting. It will be interesting to see how all of the big name teams do. Last year the Miami Heat took the title, and it looks like they might have a good chance at getting it again this year. I tend to ignore and not pay much attention to the mainstream, big name sports teams that the media usually slaves over, but this year was different when it comes to basketball. The Heat has had an incredible basketball season this year and their winning streak was pretty amazing to watch. Being from Wisconsin, I have to root for the Bucks in the playoffs, but I doubt they will make it far. It’s miraculous they are even in the playoffs this year. They beat the Heat earlier in the season, so I know it’s possible for them to do well, but I know deep down it’s probably not going to happen. Oh well.

Finally, on Monday we were all shocked and terrified at what happened in Boston. I’m not a runner myself, but I know how special of an event the Boston Marathon is. Each year, athletes from all over the nation and the world travel to the event so they can run in the world’s oldest annual marathon. It’s pretty scary what happened, but whenever anything terrible happens in the news, the first thing I usually do is watch adorable puppy videos on Youtube. But the second thing I do is try and remind myself of all of the good that is in humans, besides just focusing on the bad. Patton Oswalt helped remind me of this when I read his response to the bombing. There were many heroes who helped save lives during the catastrophe, from ordinary citizens to a former New England Patriots player. These are the individuals we need to be thankful for each day.