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News to know

The five-year-old boy taken hostage when an armed man boarded his school bus six days ago has been released and the kidnapper is dead, CNN reports. The boy was taken to a hospital after his release, but appeared to be unharmed.    An FBI team entered the underground bunker where abductor Jimmy Lee Dykes was holding the child after negotiations broke down this afternoon. Dykes was observed holding a gun, leading authorities to believe the boy was in danger.   Dykes took the boy after boarding a school bus dropping off students and demanding children be handed over as hostages. Bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr. refused, and was shot and killed as he blocked Dykes from entering the bus, allowing at least 21 children to escape through a back door.

Quote of note

"People were leaving and the game was getting boring, so we had to do a little something to spice it up." - New Orleans Mayor Mike Landrieu, joking about the power outage during last night's Super Bowl. The cause is the outage is still unknown, The Associated Press reports.

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