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News to know
A bankruptcy judge hearing the Hostess liquidation case Monday got the company to agree to mediation talks with its striking union. Judge Robert Drain asked lawyers for Hostess and the union to participate in talks and try to avert the loss of 18,000 jobs. Also Monday, CNN reported that Sun Capital Partners wanted to buy Hostess.
Quotes of note
"We do not want escalation, nor do we call for a ground war. But we are not afraid of it nor will we back down." - Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal
"They can stop any suffering in one second. Stop shooting and that's it." - Israeli President Shimon Peres
The leaders made their comments as the conflict in the Middle East hit the sixth day. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon arrived in Cairo on Monday to try to negotiate a truce.
Hot video: Pets rescued from shelters left powerless by Sandy
Southwest Airlines and SeaWorld got together to rescue animals left homeless after Superstorm Sandy.

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