News to know
The U.S. military began training today for a zombie apocalypse. Seriously. The training is part of Navy special-operations forces and Marine exercises at an anti-terrorism summit. Brad Barker, president of the Halo Corp. security company, said the exercises are “whimsical,” but they’re good terrorist training, and they help highlight the importance of preparedness.
Quote of note
“If there’s any good news, the water (has) receded, the roadways are accessible. But we still have downed power lines. We are not letting anybody in at that particular time.” - Seaside Heights, N.J., Mayor Bill Akers, talking Wednesday about the devastation from Superstorm Sandy. His town was especially hit hard. About 6 million customers are still without power from the Monday storm, and at least 50 people have died as a result of Sandy.
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