With budgets tighter and funding less every year from Local Government Aide (LGA), Sleepy Eye City Council is considering implementing a storm sewer reconstruction fund fee sometime in 2012.


The new storm sewer recon fund will be similar to the current sewer reconstruction fund set up several years ago. It applies a small monthly fee on the utility billing based on property size.
When a storm sewer reconstruction project is identified, the city is able to pay cash for that project rather than borrowing money and paying interest on top of the principle.  
According to City Manager Mark Kober, in 2007 when a large sewer reconstruction project was done, approximately 125 residents were impacted by the project. The cost of the sewer portion was in the neighborhood of $400,000, potentially costing each property owner roughly $4,000. Without the sewer recon fund, those dollars would have been assessed to the property owners, but because the city had the sewer recon fund, they paid for the project with cash and, earned interest on the money before the project was identified. “It gives you more project for the dollars because you are not repaying a loan with interest,” Kober said.  
In other business:
•the council was introduced to new Sleepy Eye Police Officer Amber Wieland of New Ulm. Amber joined the staff replacing officer Matt Ibberson who took a position with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.
•approved a gambling permit for the Knights of Columbus for their raffle Jan. 9, 2012.
•heard the Mayor’s Proclamation of October 23-28, 2011 as Minnesota Manufacturing/Technology Week honoring Miller Sellner of Sleepy Eye.
•approved Bolton & Menk to proceed with the preliminary engineer’s report on the 2012-2013 street and utility projects as identified as priority projects.
•approved a seven-day extension to M&R Paving for the 2011 alley projects. The new substantial completion date is set for October 22, 2011 with final completion October 31, 2011.