Ish-Tak-Ha-Ba Basketball Tournament

Ish-Tak-Ha-Ba Basketball Tournament
February 5, 2011
All Games To Be Played at Sleepy Eye Public Schools
Tournament Rules:
    - Two 12 minute stopped time halves.  Overtime will be 2 minutes.
    - 3 Full Time Outs.  1 full time out in overtime (no carry over.)
    - No pressing if leading by 10 or more points.
    - Running time if leading by 20 or more points.  Running time will continue for the remainder of    the game.
    - Medals will be awarded for winners of each group.
    - Tiebreakers:
        1) Head-to-Head
        2) Least points given up.
        3) Coin Flip
    - Warm-up balls will be provided.
    -No outside food or beverages.  Concesssions will be available.

Tournament Schedule
7th Grade Girls:                                        
    8:30        SEHS vs. BOLD     HS Gym                        
     8:30        TMB vs. LCWM    Elem. Gym                        
      9:30        SEHS vs. LCWM    Elem. Gym                        
     10:30        BOLD vs. TMB        Elem. Gym                        
     11:30        SEHS vs. TMB        HS Gym                        
     11:30        BOLD vs. LCWM    Elem. Gym

8th Grade Girls:
    Game 1:  SEHS vs. St. Mary’s  9:30  HS Gym
    Game 2:  St. Mary’s vs. LCWM 10:30 HS Gym
    Game 3: SEHS vs. LCWM  12:30 HS Gym    


7th Grade Boys:
12:30    GFW vs. LCWM    Elem. Gym                            
1:30        SEHS vs. TMB    HS Gym

2:30        LCWM vs. TMB    Elem. Gym

3:30        SEHS vs. GFW    HS Gym
4:30        GFW vs. TMB    Elem. Gym     
 5:30        SEHS vs. LCWM    HS Gym


8th Grade Boys:
1:30         LCWM vs. St. Mary's  Elem
2:30         TMB vs. SEHS   HS
3:30         Winner between LCWM/St. Mary's vs. Spfd
6:30         Winner of Spfd game vs. Winner of TMB/SEHS