My oh my, what a wonderful weekend.

As some of you may recall, February was a busy month for birthdays in my family. To celebrate these special days (and especially to commemorate my Dad’s 60th birthday), it was time to hit the road and travel back to Wisconsin.

Now, normally a long drive isn’t that big of a deal for me anyway. I can just crank up the tunes and watch the countryside fly by as I travel home. But this drive was even more enjoyable than others. You see, I had a very special companion with me on this trip: my girlfriend Sarah.

Some of you might be thinking, “That nerdy writer guy has a girlfriend? I don’t think he’s ever mentioned her before.” And you’d be right. I haven’t wanted to say anything about her in this column until things seemed a bit more in place. After this past weekend, I think I’m safe to go ahead and do so.

(Also, I talked with Sarah about mentioning her in my column. I was beginning to realize that it was getting difficult to write a column about what’s going on in my world each week without mentioning her. She tends to consume a lot of my free time. Tisk, tisk.)

So, I do plan on telling you about my weekend eventually. However, first a little background on Sarah, since I know you are all dying to know. We met at church when I first came to town and started “hanging out” in November. I guess you could say we’ve been “officially dating” for about a month, and the time has definitely flown by.

(Some of you may know Sarah, though maybe not, because up until recently she worked two jobs usually over 60 hours each week. Chances are you may have come across her if you work out at Studio 34. She’s that cute short girl who can lift a whole lot of weight!)

So, now that my column is half over, remember that weekend I was going to tell you about? Well, it really was great. The car ride there and back flew by as Sarah and I talked. (On a side note, I also realized that country music really isn’t all that bad, and Sarah knows just about every single song they play).

Even though one of my all-time favorite comedies is the movie “Meet the Parents,” I?was certainly hoping our experience wouldn’t end up like that. I think it’s safe to say it didn’t. I had a great time introducing Sarah to my family, and as far as I can tell, they seemed to like her. Of course, some members of my family may read this column, so would I really tell you if things went poorly? Hmmmm.... good question...

I gave Sarah the grand tour of my hometown, a city I used to think was small until moving to Sleepy Eye. I showed her the building that used to house the school I went to from sixth grade through high school (now closed). I showed her the restaurant that used to be a Hardee’s where I worked for two years (now closed). And I showed her the gas station I used to work at as well (now closed). All in all, a pretty cheery tour!

And, of course, Sarah and I played several rounds of Scrabble with various members of my family. Remember when I wrote about my family’s obsession for Scrabble? Well, it’s true. And... alas... I must admit that my brother Jon beat me pretty bad in one of our games.

After hearing about my Scrabble column, Jon demanded that I mention the fact that he beat me. So, there it is. May it never happen again!