Sportsmen to the rescue!

How about those sportsmen, huh? I’m talking about the Sleepy Eye Sportsmen’s Club. Not only do they draw well over 1,000 people to our town and lake on a very cold day, they’re also saving the day for the many people who enjoy a day cruising around the lake on a pontoon and doing a little fishing, with volunteer boat captains.

I started hearing rumblings that something was going on with Let’s Go Fishing, losing their boat and so on, over a week ago. I talked to a couple people in the organization and they confirmed there were financial problems with the state organization, but no problems locally where the program is popular and well-supported.

The reason the local boat was in jeopardy is that it actually belongs to the state organization.

Local officers told me they would have good news for me soon, and that arrived in the letter you see below. They decided it was best for Sleepy Eye’s program to leave the Let’s Go Fishing organization and create a new, local organization.

That’s where the Sportsmen’s Club came in to save the day. They were already a major financial supporter of the program and stepped up to allow the new, local organization, to form under their nonprofit status. This is important because donors, even though they genuinely support a program, usually appreciate that it is tax-deductible also.

So, I say thank you to the Sleepy Eye Sportsmen’s Club for all they do for our community. Please support them as they help build Sleepy Eye’s newest organization—Boating & Bobbers.