Not really a New Year's Resolution

A year ago, in the final paper of 2016, I wrote a bit about New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I told you (who I referred to as “my closest friends and advisors”) that I was resolved to eat less and exercise more. I even detailed that what I would eat less of was sugar. I cited that tired old idea—if you tell someone, you are more likely to do it.

Well, so much for that idea. It didn’t help a bit. I still eat too much sugar and I gained weight, probably about 15 pounds, and I have to take cholesterol-lowering medication.

So obviously, whether I tell anyone or not, I need to lose weight and exercise more.

When I get home from work, I like to turn the TV on to my favorite liberal cable channel (to find out what President Trump said or did that day) sit down, open my computer to finish reading the Star Tribune online, and maybe have a snack before supper. Often there is really not all that much time between snack and supper. And, there is no exercise involved, because I don’t even have to change the channel (until the news comes on) saving my thumb from all that action.

I have ample resources for adding exercise to my routine. I could go to the gym. I have some nice yoga videos (gentle yoga for oldish ladies.) I have some other exercise videos. I love those Silver Sneakers exercise videos that I see on Facebook. A nice, clean-cut, young man, who is wearing modest knee length shorts, demonstrates lots of wonderful exercises that I would love to do. I am going to look at the Silver Sneakers site so I can have access to all of his work. (That’s what I think while I am sitting on my behind watching videos on Facebook.) I do take an occasional Zumba class. We have so much fun laughing and talking that it seems like the hour goes by before we do many dances—oops.

Anyway, Happy New Year. I’m not making you any promises. I’m not making me any promises. I will say that I should try harder. “I should try harder,” said Deb.

I will try to do some kind of exercise when I get home from work. I will try to eat less sugar. I will even try to eat less ice cream. Now, that’s a tough one.

I will try to take better care of this body. After all, my favorite channel is on all night long—I can catch up later.