The Eagles girls hockey team hosted the Marshall Tigers in a close game Thursday, Dec. 7.

The Eagles girls hockey team hosted the Marshall Tigers in a close game Thursday, Dec. 7.

New Ulm 3

Marshall 2

Dani Weiss was a big part of the difference—scoring two goals in the game. In the first period, Weiss scored her first goal, putting the Eagles up. The Eagles kept the Tigers busy, taking 14 shots in the first period. On defense, McKenna Strong continued to excel in the net with three saves in the first period, Strong went on to make 20 saves in the game.

In the second period, the Eagles again got the only goal, this time from Molly Scheid on a power play. The Tigers came out onto the ice stronger in the third period, scoring their first goal from the face off. Weiss brought in her second goal, keeping the Eagles up 3-1. Marshall managed one more goal before the clock ran out, but New Ulm still took the game.

New Ulm 14

Fairmont 2

The Eagles treated the Cardinals to a lesson in hockey Tuesday night in the Martin County Arena.

In the first period, the Eagles swooped in, scoring three goals in the first six minutes. Beltz pulled off two solos and Wiltscheck scored with an assist from Jackie Cowing. Fairmont put in their only goal, putting the score at 3-1. Scheid, Lauren Klein, Caleigh Heck, and Weiss, all scored goals, giving the Eagles a 7-1 lead.

Scheid and Beltz both put shots in the net in the second period, giving Beltz a hat trick. Fairmont failed to score on their five opportunities in the second period.

New Ulm again took control in the third period, scoring twice before the three minute mark. Heck and Weiss were responsible for those goals. Heck scored again, gaining her a hat trick as well. Fairmont managed their second and final goal. Wiltscheck slapped in the final point for the Eagles.

Cassie Reed had an easy night in the nets, saving eight out of 10 shots on goal.

The Eagles travel to Windom Thursday, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m.