The Wabasso Rabbits gave the Indians a run for their money on Thursday, Nov. 30.

The Wabasso Rabbits gave the Indians a run for their money on Thursday, Nov. 30.

Wabasso 52

Sleepy Eye 49

The Indian girls had a rough open offensively and the Rabbits set the pace. “Two things that can be the Achilles heal of our team is if we don’t shoot the ball well and we don’t rebound defensively,” said Head Coach Ryan Hulke. “Well, that’s what happened Thursday night at Wabasso. They were able to get way too many offensive rebounds and we didn’t make many shots until late in the game.”

The Indians moved for a come back in the second half, but came up short, taking their first loss of the season. “We had three girls foul out and had untimely turnovers,” Hulke pointed out. “We need to learn from those mistakes and realize just because we have a good returning group, others are not just going to roll over for us.”

Madi Heiderscheidt stepped up, putting 24 points on the board and getting seven steals. Sarah Ibarra put up 11 points, with 11 rebounds, and Brianna Polesky got 13 points.

MCA 78

Sleepy Eye 46

On Saturday, the Indians went on the road to play the Maranatha Christian Academy Mustangs in Hopkins. The Mustangs were a team to beat with the skills they brought to the game. With two players looking at playing D1 and D2 basketball, the Indians were in for a learning experience.

 By halftime, the Mustangs were up 41-30. “We knew going into this game they had two very good players,” Hulke said. Their pressure really forced us to not have our correct spacing and we couldn't attack our gaps from our secondary offense, because we weren't organized and spaced.”

In spite of what became a steep loss, Coach Hulke feels confident about what his team will become after a game like this. “Despite the score, I am 100 percent certain we got better from this game. You don't see this brand of basketball in southern Minnesota and it's typically a Metro type of game because of their depth and athletic abilities. Playing a team like this is only going to make us better come March,” Hulke explained. “That's why we signed up to play in this Breakdown Tournament. I don't want our record to be 21-5 or 22-4, I want 17-9 because our non-conference games are quality opponents and they will make us better for the playoffs. Winning games by 30 to 40 doesn't make us better. I know our team understands that and that's why I fully expect us to bounce back starting Friday, as we have four games in seven days.”

“For myself as a coach,” Hulke went on to say, “I've learned a ton about our team the last two games; what needs to be tweaked a bit and what needs to change. I'm extremely happy we get four practice days this week to get ready to hit a fun spot in our schedule”

Heiderscheidt led with 21 points, Ibarra went seven and seven on points and rebounds.

The Indians host the BLHS Mustangs on Friday, Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m.