I am Pollyanna, once again. (If you don't know what that means, I feel sorry for you.)

I hope you read Christina Andres’ column about the chamber’s event last Saturday night. It was perfect . . . and she is a genius!

I was one of the people that told her it was like being inside a Hallmark movie. I don’t watch many movies, but for some reason in the fall I start watching the Hallmark channel. They had some fun fall festival-themed movies before they started with the Christmas movies. What this means is that I often chose a Hallmark movie over the Vikings, or the NASCAR race (no worries, Tom kept me updated from his own TV space.)

What is it about those movies that draw me in? Of course, they are fluffy and pretty and have just the right amount of drama and romance. In the end, everything is just right.

These movies usually have several scenes of people milling about an outdoor Christmas market, or in cute shops, or—outside for an evening event with lights, hot chocolate and Santa Claus. Just like Christina planned for Saturday night!

She had lots of help, primarily from the Holiday Lights in Motion folks who provided the perfect location. Chamber members volunteered to work and/or sponsor all the free stuff. And, someone arranged perfect weather. Next year, she is going to order light fluffy snowflakes to drift down at just the right moment (but it won’t be any colder.) Great idea Christina!