So glad I live in a neighborhood that gets lots of kids on Halloween!

Studies show that Halloween is kids’ favorite holiday. (Sorry, I made that “studies” part up, but I heard that somewhere. Or, as President Trump would say, “Everyone is saying,” or maybe, “Not many people know this.”)

Well, anyway—of course Halloween is a favorite holiday of kids. Wear a costume, maybe a scary one, and demand candy, often on a school night. What could be better? Yeah, Christmas is nice, demanding presents and all, but I can think that is the favorite holiday later.

We have a little joke at our house. I say I love Halloween (I do) and then I don’t want to answer the door for trick-or-treaters. Go figure, huh? My husband just kind of snorts when I say I love Halloween. Well, I love it from my chair. We had a lovely Halloween night with 50-75 kids coming to our door. They all had wonderful costumes and were delightfully polite. These young parents today—they’re doing a great job!

On another topic—Holiday Lights in Motion, (Christmas! My favorite!) I learned something about how all those lights get put up high in the trees. Lift trucks, bucket trucks, and volunteers that can operate them, of course. But, when I was at the park Saturday morning to take a picture of the Gluth family making their donation, Jeff Zinniel (and Dick, and Bob) were there stringing lights high up in a tree, with their Zinniel Tree Service truck. Jeff was in the bucket. Mike Suess said, “That guy right there is responsible for about 75 percent of the high work out here.” Brenda Gluth said, “He’s behind most of that donation, too—he’s a big supporter of our event each year.”

It is almost impossible to thank each individual who helps with community projects, but this time, I thought I’d try to recognize one. Thanks, Jeff.

Another thank you of sorts: WCCO Radio’s Roger Erickson died this week. I loved listening to him every morning. I liked that he was from Winthrop. It made him almost a local guy. He understood our real lives. And, he could close schools like nobody’s business. I read this morning that he would joke he wanted his gravestone to read: “Formerly two hours late. Now closed.”